Community Services Cuts

Budget Results 2020 - What we know so far

Family Community Support Services (FCSS) funding was not cut by a narrow vote.  This funding supports a variety of non-profit organizations including:  The Distress Centre, Cups, Carya, CMHA - Calgary, Meals on Wheels, Brenda Strafford for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary and many others.

Affordable housing funding will be reduced.

The Inglewood and Beltline pools in the inner City were given a 2 year extension to avoid closures. 

The Downtown Outreach Addictions Program (DOAP) received $200,000 in additional funding from the city to offset cuts made at the provincial level.  DOAP team is a program of the Calgary Alpha House and is designed to support emergency services such as police officers and Emergency Medical Services.  It also provides links to appropriate social services agencies and is a alternate to calling 911.  DOAP provides referral servicies to shelters, addiction services and support to homeless youth.  

For an explanation on the property tax adjustments please see the City of Calgary page.  

More to come ...

Proposed Reductions at a 1.5% property tax increase*

Affordable Housing: Capitalizing a portion of a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) maintains essential staff for management of development projects but erodes the ability to build or regenerate units as capital funding is diverted for staffing costs. This may result in fewer Calgarians housed.

Neighbourhood Supports:  Reduction to Community Social Work program designed to advance local community economic development strategy and build internal capacity to foster connections with the Indigenous community. Work will be integrated into core service delivery.

Calgary Neighbourhoods program: Reduce administrative and planning staff and shift this work to frontline staff thereby impacting their capacity to deliver core services.  

Fair Entry Application processing: Eliminates growth budget for Fair Entry application processing. Current service levels will be maintained but wait times will increase with continued client volume growth. A reduction to youth employment programming will impact service delivery to university students.

Transit:  Please see our page on transit impacts.

Proposed Reductions at a 0% property tax increase

This includes the above plus the following:

Affordable Housing: 

An additional capitalizing 1.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) maintains essential staff for management of development projects, but results in the loss of one new unit or 12 regenerated units as capital funding is diverted for staffing costs. This may result in fewer Calgarians housed.

Pro-rated reduction of operating grant to Silvera for Seniors resulting in closing a Lodge and reducing affordable housing available for Calgary seniors and impacting current residents.

Reduce Affordable Housing public engagement and awareness results in less information for communities, increasing misconceptions, concerns and opposition which could delay development timelines, trigger appeals and reduce social inclusion.

Community Strategies:  Pro-rated reduction of operating grant to Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) will result in a reduction in the 0.5 FTE Indigenous Engagement Liason postion and VCC's ability to support the Indigenous Advisory Committee.

Library Services: Reduction in the operating grant will require that the Library reduce open hours, number of locations, collections, literacy programs, outreach, promotional activities, and investments in IT and facilities. Staffing will be reduced through attrition and opportunities for casual hours will be limited.

Calgary Rotary Park for those with disabilities:  A pro-rated reduction of operating grant to Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society will not only have a direct impact to service to the disability community to hold space and ultimately subsidize use, the Park will not meet lifecycle expectations. The Park is 100% responsible for improvement and the 2017 City Assessment determined that $10M is required

Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research:  Pro-rated reduction of operating grant to Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research will result in the cancellation of the Youth Friday Night Drop-in Program and fee subsidies reduced, directly limiting access to drop-in aquatics and fitness activities. This will impact people with limited incomes, including persons with disabilities, seniors and families.

* Based on City documents for a proposed 1.5% property tax increase and a proposed 0% property tax increase.




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    I encourage all of my fellow Calgarians to get behind thei campaign.
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