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July 5, 2019
Dear Mayor Nenshi and City of Calgary Councillors,

#KeepCalgaryStrong is a growing coalition of organizations and Calgarians that support the principle set out by City Council: cuts in the operating budget should do the least harm to Calgary’s most vulnerable and poor. We believe that if budget cuts are necessary, they should not compromise access to jobs, safety, education, health care and the social participation of those most dependent on City services. We respect the financial challenges confronting City Council. We find the principle of “doing least harm” is most critical in guiding decisions and establishing priorities. Any cuts in supports and services for those who are already vulnerable will only increase stress and trauma. Demands on community resources and support networks will only go up, not down. Losing needed City services for the less fortunate will weaken, not strengthen, our community.

We request that at its July 22, 2019 meeting, City Council allow #KeepCalgaryStrong coalition to express our concerns regarding the impact of cuts on our most vulnerable fellow citizens. Specifically, we are requesting that City Council:

1. Preserve services to the vulnerable and those on low incomes. (Concerning 122,000

2. Maintain current transit services and fare structure (Concerning 330,000 Calgarians)

3. Keep moving forward with Calgary’s mental health and addictions strategy. Specifically, this
includes providing adequate funding for effective implementation. (Concerning 260,000

We understand that the City needs to find savings. We suggest that the City consider for example pausing the expansion into 14 new suburbs and repurposing the business opportunity fund.

It is said that one can judge the vibrancy and strength of a community by how it supports its most vulnerable members; how effectively it brings them into greater participation with civic life. We support your stated commitment to build a strong and resilient city by doing the least harm to our most vulnerable citizens. We believe these requests will help you keep our city strong and vibrant. Thank you in advance for considering our request to speak to Council at its July 22, 2019 meeting. We welcome the opportunity to work together toward our shared goals.

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Jessy Rajan
Rowena Williams
Anup raniga
Nicole Ragguette
m helena myllykoski
Ryan Todd
Patricia Romay
Hunter-Athena Maze
Chandra Coomaraswamy
Jonas Cornelsen
Patti Plett
Drew Yewchuk
Peggy Askin
Aaron Baranec
Judy J. Johnson
Mark Gjosund
Peter Driftmier
Kamal Sehgal
Barb Sokale
Jennifer Chamberlain
Terry Wiens
Paul Armstrong
Diana Izard
Bob Hawkesworth
Anne Merk
Elysha Rea
Dean Parker
Bob Pierce
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  • Jessy Rajan
    @JessRaRa tweeted link to this page. 2019-11-06 12:54:24 -0700
    Sign the petition: Please sign our petition
  • Jessy Rajan
    signed 2019-11-06 12:54:01 -0700
  • Rowena Williams
    signed 2019-10-05 00:33:45 -0600
    I am a elderly person with arthritis in both my knees I love to work with my condition I am limited to do certain jobs so I depend on affordable Bus Pass to get me to my Doctor Office and around the City and also affordable Housing when you guys are doing your Budget please think of Disability and Seniors Community who need Access to Activities please and thank you
  • Anup raniga
    signed via 2019-10-02 23:54:15 -0600
  • Nicole Ragguette
    signed 2019-09-16 11:02:24 -0600
  • m helena myllykoski
    signed via 2019-08-19 19:44:18 -0600
    As both an academic teaching nursing students and a long standing active professional in mental health and addictions, i urge positive action toward maintaining and improving services to our most vulnerable citizens.
  • Ryan Todd
    signed 2019-07-29 15:48:40 -0600
  • Patricia Romay
    signed 2019-07-28 14:11:58 -0600
  • Hunter-Athena Maze
    signed 2019-07-28 02:53:27 -0600
  • Chandra Coomaraswamy
    signed 2019-07-27 10:19:59 -0600
    Chandra Coomaraswamy
  • Jonas Cornelsen
    signed 2019-07-27 09:26:53 -0600
  • Patti Plett
    signed 2019-07-27 01:16:10 -0600
    As an individual who works with some of the most marginalized individuals in the city of Calgary, and as an individual who is a wheelchair user who, as it turns out, has now been cut from Access Calgary, I implore the city to reconsider making the cuts proposed that will affect those experiencing low income, marginalization, mental health issues, mobility issues, and more. These individuals depend on the services in place, including the low-income bus passes.
  • Drew Yewchuk
    signed 2019-07-26 11:33:11 -0600
    A government that does not act redistributively to protect and help the poorest is abhorrent to me.
  • jacquie | ᜇᜌᜃ gallos aquines 🔆
    @ethn0grapher tweeted link to this page. 2019-07-26 11:04:45 -0600
    Sign the petition: Please sign our petition
  • Peggy Askin
    signed 2019-07-25 23:50:18 -0600
  • Aaron Baranec
    signed 2019-07-25 22:48:50 -0600
  • Judy J. Johnson
    signed 2019-07-25 10:28:59 -0600
  • Mark Gjosund
    signed 2019-07-25 09:49:09 -0600
  • Peter Driftmier
    signed 2019-07-25 09:23:11 -0600
    Shame on council for passing these budget cuts with so little public input and secrecy about the details of the cuts. Reverse your austerity agenda. Officially lobby the Province to enable municipalities to enact their own new means of revenue generation: mansion taxes, hotel-stay taxes, billboard taxes, etc.
  • Kamal Sehgal
    signed 2019-07-25 09:09:25 -0600
  • Barb Sokale
    signed 2019-07-25 08:58:40 -0600
  • Jennifer Chamberlain
    signed 2019-07-25 08:51:51 -0600
    It is shocking to see how budget cutting decisions are made by this mayor and current councilors: most especially in light of the misguided plan of sharing the cost of a new Flames arena (!); while causing more unemployment, and more hardship to our city’s vulnerable and poor.

    I also wonder, when agreeing to cut taxes of small businesses, whether those small businesses whose head offices are located outside Canada (e.g., in the USA – as are many franchises) were made exempt from tax cuts.


    Jennifer M. Chamberlain
  • Terry Wiens
    signed 2019-07-25 08:33:56 -0600
    Terry A Wiens – As a polio survivor who has spend his entire life living independently and making my own contributions to my community (Calgary) it is beyond disappointing to see so many supports I fought to develop now being stripped away. I am a member of the first generation of disabled to have lived long enough to reach retirement and their is a tsunami of us hitting retirement. To see services being eroded that help us maintain independence is an insult to the our life’s works of making the community inclusive. How can you justify a half billion dollar investment in an event centre while you ignore a crumbling infrastructure of curb-cuts, mandated electronic access, and services as simple as ensuring some “accessible” (not just social) housing is incorporated into the Cities development plans? I challenge any Councilperson in Calgary to find an affordable accessible place to live while maintaining a sense of dignity and security.
  • Paul Armstrong
    signed 2019-07-25 08:33:34 -0600
    Paul Armstrong
  • Diana Izard
    signed 2019-07-25 08:11:23 -0600
  • Bob Hawkesworth
    signed 2019-07-25 07:33:38 -0600
  • Anne Merk
    signed via 2019-07-24 22:16:24 -0600
    It is time to HELP the vulnerable and STOP pushing them under the bus
  • Elysha Rea
    signed via 2019-07-24 22:13:34 -0600
  • Dean Parker
    signed 2019-07-24 22:09:26 -0600
    Listen to the voters and stop this stupid arena and realize it’s not much needed. We do not want higher taxes to back a stadium that will bring a hand full of events a year. Let the owners, stampede, and NHL pay for it.
  • Bob Pierce
    signed 2019-07-24 21:25:05 -0600